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May 9, 2023


San Marino Bay Condominiums Association, Inc.
A copy of the 13-page Independent Accountant’s Review for the year ended December 31, 2021 is available to Association members free of charge upon request. Individual condo owners may request a copy by one of the following methods:
calling in the request to the management company at (813) 264-1119;
- by faxing a request to (813) 265-2598;
- by sending a request by mail to the Trowbridge company, inc., P.O. Box 273708, Tampa, Florida 33688;
- or contacting us at The report is in electronic format if desired.

Please ensure in your request to indicate your name and condo address.



Help Keep Trash Out of the Recycling Bin

Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management is seeking your help to share information with your neighborhood about the importance of recycling correctly. Unfortunately, too many incorrect items and bagged recyclables are being placed in recycling carts, which can endanger staff, cause equipment damage, and lead to less materials ultimately being recycled successfully. Accepted recyclable items need to be clean, empty, dry, and loose in the recycling cart (not bagged) to be successfully recovered. Since Hillsborough County's residential recycling rules may be different than where you have lived in the past and where you work, please take the time to research and follow local program rules. Here are few quick guidelines to remember when recycling curbside in Hillsborough County:

Do Not Recycle Curbside:

• NO plastic bags, bagged recyclables, or film
• NO food, liquids, or dirty materials
• NO batteries, chemicals, electronics, or oil
• NO yard waste or garbage
• NO clothing, furniture, or carpet
• NO foam cups or containers

Sharing this information and Hillsborough County's newly updated Recycling Guide (English & Español) with your members, neighbors, friends, and family will help our community meet targeted recycling goals, save resources, create jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you would like to learn more about recycling and Hillsborough County's solid waste services, you can request a free presentation for your organization by contacting the Sustainable Materials Management Team at or call (813) 272-5680, or visit to learn more about what the County has to offer.

Helpful Resources

Single-Family Home Recycling:
• Visit to view a complete list of items that are acceptable and unacceptable in Hillsborough County's curbside recycling program.

Multi-Family Home Recycling (Apartments, Condos, Mobile Home Parks):
• Contact your property manager to find out if recycling is offered. If so, follow the guidelines established by your community to successfully recycle.
• If you currently live in a property that does not recycle, please visit the County's Commercial Recycling page to learn about your recycling options and how to start a recycling program for your community.
• Meanwhile, all residents in Hillsborough County can take recyclable materials to one of the County's Community Collection Centers for free without needing a copy of a tax assessment bill. For general recyclables, no ID is required.



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